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How is your Personal Dashboard of LIfe.

Like a dashboard in a car that tells you how your car is working and alerts you when trouble is on the horizon, so it is with our heart. Our hearts operate in the same way, and so we much pay attention to the warning signals it gives in order to maintain our wellbeing.

What do we need to consider to live healthier?

  1. Comparison Fuels Competition.

    We are bombarded by voices/messages from a variety of sources that try to influence us to do more and have more. We are constantly invaded by both negative and positive pressures all around us attempting to shape us to live a certain way .

    There is a new condition arising from this influence - “ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” This is where we compare ourselves with other, which causes more anxiety, depression and consumption of “stuff,ideas,or ideologies”. Social Media is to Envy and Gas is to Fire.

    We need to adapt a behavior of “ I will be slower so that I can live longer”

    It is best to slow down in life so that we can enjoy those we love more, appreciate what we have, and truly enjoy life. Hurryedness is behind frustration in life. Pace yourself. You cant run faster than the one you are following.

    Distraction (Preoccupied) - unable to concentrate because one’s mind is preoccupied. It’s like breathing in and out at the same time and you are choking out of breathe.

What is exhausting you? Is the exhaustion physical? Emotional? or Spiritual? We need to slow down not have “HURRY SICKNESS” (trying to achieve more with less time) that leads to insomnia, bowel disturbances, weight gain, Interesting fact: You can get more done in less time when you don’t hurry.

Ways we can change is: Try this the next time you are driving to work - Dont’ change lanes on your way to your destination unless you absolutely have to, Or trying to detox from Social Media for a whole day, or a week.

2. Contentment Fuels Celebration

Celebrate your small wins whenever you find that you have stayed content with the small things. This in turn will empower you to be content in the bigger things.

Hurryness and love are incompatible. When we hurry, we steal time from those we love the most. We need to appreciate and love the ones that are closest to us in our lives. Hurryness causes urgency, emergencies and an overwhelming sense of chaos.

Something to Ponder:

There are three things that we should consider how we would react if we dropped them:

  1. Rubber - Sometimes there are things in our lives that if we dropped them or neglected them, we are able to bounce back. We can either take the consequence and deal with it or we would have to leave it where it is. An example could be a neighbor we really dont know well.

  2. Metal - Sometimes there are things that if dropped they may create some noise, but we would be able to recover from it, and put the pieces back together again. An example could be coworkers at work,

  3. Glass - Now these are those things in our lives, that if dropped, or cracked or shattered, we would have to try and piece it back together again. We may not be able to and there would be consequences which would affect if forever. Example of this type could be our relationships, whether it is our spouse, or children, or someone else who is near and dear to us.

Only we know what we can afford to drop or love in order to leave a legacy to others.

How are you with contentment? Are you struggling with adequacy? Call me today for a Discovery call. Lets start your transformation.