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The Comparison Trap

IT is foolishness to compare ourselves with others. There is nothing anything positive that comes from it.

However we do it all the time, from comparing our home, vehicles, paychecks, vacations, etc. There are problems with this behavior:

  1. The wrong things are often compared. Our world constantly attempts to compare and measure external things. We find our selves in that repeated cycle of comparing what we think is a more valuable life: Clothes, cars, Home, paychecks, beauty, or even Facebook followers. Obviously this is the wrong kind of measure to use. Net worth has never been a good tool for determining our self worth.

  2. Our worst side is always compared against their best. This comparison is not a winning strategy as we will always find others who “appear” to have life all figured out, and are living the dream life. We often compare what we view as our weakest link to the best version of others. Caution: Their lives are not always as perfect as we may think.

  3. Comparison-ism never ends. There are endless ways that we can continue comparing ourselves to others, with just as many people to compare to. Once you begin this downward spiral, it will never end.

  4. Life is not graded on this measurement. We should be striving to be the BEST that we can be, not to be better than 50 % of others.

  5. We tend to place our focus on other people. Foolish - we can only control our own life - not others. Plus, we waste precious time and and energy when we are constantly comparing ourselves

  6. Our joy is hi-jacked. Regret seeps in stealing your enjoyment in life, along with your joy and happiness that is simply within your reach. It will be tossed like the wind, forcing us to always try and catch up to it.

Now what do we do about it? Here are some tips to help us over come the Comparison Trap

1.Realize that you are creating more problems when you compare yourself to others. IT is foolishness to think that we are any further ahead when we compare ourselves to others…as things like envy, competition, and strife will be stirred up and create more havoc in your life.

2. Celebrate YOU…List your strengths, talents, and uniqueness. You are one of a kind..There is no one like you. You were created for a reason, and a purpose. You are valued. You are an important piece of the puzzle in the game of Life. When you compare yourself to others, it is like comparing apples to oranges. NO ONE is living your life…only you are.

3. Focus Inward. Generosity,humility, goodness, kindness and love are values that you should be adapting to your life. Work on developing your inward qualities and the temptation to compare will dissipate. When we strengthen our inward beauty, we will soon not be bothered by the outside world.

4. Life is no competition - We are all here on this earth to exist at the same time. When we stop comparing we can then work together to sort life out.

5. There is NO perfect person - We are bombarded by so much media messages that promote perfection. However, have you ever stepped back and thought if that model in those magazine stories really has everything together? How many hours did they have to take to prepare for that one photo shoot? Do they have insecurities or failures that only they know about? Why couldnt we tell those stories? Like I said - There is NO ONE perfect…not you and not me.

6. Take time for yourself - When was the last time you took a moment to meditate? or Pray? or really look at your life? When we start valuing our journey in life and how we have grown through that journey, the temptation to compare appears less and less.