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Step out of your Comfort Zone!

This weekend, I stepped out of my comfort zone and held my very first workshop….

Was I nervous? You bet…Shaking and trembling…couldn’t sleep the night before…and consumed by what could go wrong? Does that sound familiar? How did you handle it?

Well I achieved a huge milestone by not giving up when it seemed so scary. You see, I struggled with stuttering growing up so much that it really affected how my words came out. You could hardly understand my sentences. I have really had to work on this all my life, but despite that it has crippled by confidence of wanting to speak in front of people. I just thought I was never going to be able to feel confident enough to influence others.

Saturday proved me wrong…in fact…no stuttering…I delivered my content perfectly….

So I want to give you some tips on what it is important to step out of your comfort zone…

Do it on a regular basis

In order to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, you need to step out of your comfort zone on a regular basis. “The more comfortable you get with trying new things, the less you’re going to avoid it and the more you’re going to say yes to new challenges,”  

Start small

You don’t have to throw your entire routine out the window to step out of your comfort zone. Try taking small steps, like driving a different route to work or even moving your desk to a different location. These can help you to get comfortable with the discomfort that comes from trying something new.

Reinterpret your fear

In order to overcome your fear of trying something new, re-frame those feelings of fear as feelings of excitement and opportunity. When viewed in this positive light, those butterflies in your stomach will soon be seen as welcoming rather than something that you seek to avoid.

Look for a challenge

“Doing something that challenges you gives you a whole different outlook and makes you more receptive to change,”. When you take on something challenging, you experience an endorphin rush and often feel recharged afterwards.  

Focus on the why

Having a mission statement of why you’re stepping out of your comfort zone can help you overcome the fear of doing it. Writing out the benefits of doing the activity, such as “to build courage” or “to become more creative.” is helpful. Looking at the why when you start to get stressed out can help bring down your stress levels and make it easier to accomplish the task.

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