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Do you have a sugar Addiction: 6 Warning Signs

What is Sugar Addiction?

Your brain depends on glucose (sugar) for immediate energy. Without glucose, the brain would struggle to work properly. In particular, it appears that the hypothalamus plays a role in sugar cravings and addiction leading to poor dietary choices. When you overeat in any meal or snack may be signalling to you that you may have some addiction. Most people usually crave sweet foods, beverages, or treats.

Warning Signs

Pay close attention to the symptoms of sugar addiction to gain a better understanding of your level of evergy and possible addiction.

Crave comfort foods in the evening.

One of the first signs that you have a sugar addiction is when you crave comfort foods at dinner time. For some people, the idea of heading home or out to dinner with friends and enjoying a big bowl of pasta, bread, or other simple-carbohydrate-rich foods can be enticing, especially if you have a sugar addiction.

Carbohydrates are not really to be blamed for sugar addictions but the “glucose” processed from the carbs that are eaten. LIkewise when salty or fatty foods are consumed, addictions can also be created. Therefore, keep a close eye on what you eat so that you can to recognize what form your sugar addiction takes.

Crave Soda and Other Sweet Beverages

Soda,and sugar-laden beverages contain high amounts of sugar (in the form of high-fructose corn syrup). Diet sodas which have artificial sweeteners are 600 times sweeter than regular table sugar (sometimes even sweeter).

When you consume a beverage that has a high sugar content, it will trick your mind into thinking you are actually consuming sugar. Unfortunately, you just crave more of the sweet stuff. In addition to sugar beverages, you should also watch out for added sweeteners in coffee and sugar to drinks as a way to enhance the flavor. Flavored teas and calorie-free products also contain sweeteners, so you need to pay attention to all of these possible sources and the various names that they are listed under.

Making Excuses for Your Sugar Habit

We all make excuses when it comes to our foods and beverages, such as “it’s organic” or “it’s calorie-free. These various excuses that we use may be our brain wanting more of the white stuff, which continues feeding our addiction.If you find yourself making up excuses when it comes to what we consume, then you mostly likely have an addiction.

Rewarding With Sugary Foods

Think back to when you went to the gym, had a really great workout, and then felt so good about yourself. you then decided to reward yourself for being “good”. Your brain is a smart organ. Rewarding yourself with sugar is not the best way to crush this addiction and create healthy habits.

You Have Tried to Kick Sugar and Failed

It is not easy to resist the temptation to eat sugar. It is a difficult challenge. This is similiar to how drug users or alcoholics struggle with their addictions…Top it all off, sugar addiction tends to more addictive than cocaine addiction.

You Eat or Binge on Sugar When Alone

A sugar addiction may be even worse when there is no one around or when you are by yourself. If you live alone, have a night alone away from a spouse, or simply have some time to yourself, you may find yourself craving sweet foods and drinks. Ice cream, cakes, and cookies are commonly the sugary food of choice when adults are alone for a given time and have a sugar addiction.

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