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About me

Karla Weiss is a Holistic Health Coach. She has over 23 years of experience as a Health Professional. Karla is known for her compassion towards others, by providing them with the information and advice to further their own personal health journey. She is able to motivate others to feel empowered with who they are, along with who they want to be. Her core message — by improving your brains potential and making healthier choices, you can then develop a healthier lifestyle.


What is a Holistic Health Coach?

A holistic health coach is someone who can support a client and their vision for personal health and wellness choices. The client is the focus. By partnering with a holistic health coach you are able to feel inspired to work towards achieving your own personal health goals.Coaching sessions are personalized for each individual client, so that they can feel in control in their journey. The clients health and wellness will improve as they progress along.


what are the benefits of a holistic health coach?

Health coaching will help clients overcome challenges arising from changes they need to make in order to have a healthier lifestyle. The coach/client relationship is a ongoing support system to provide feedback for lasting transformations. Coaches will meet the clients anywhere they are in their health journey; to empower them to move towards their personalized goals.