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About me

Hello!!! Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit me here. I want to tell you a bit about me…I am a Certified Brain Health Coach and a Holistic Health Coach .I am compassionate in helping others work through whatever is holding them back in being their best. I started my journey through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition graduating as a Holistic Health Coach in 2016. This education was great as I learned about various ways to be healthy, either through diet, exercise, mental awareness, and so much more. However I still felt I needed to broaden my understanding on how to help others. You see, as a Nurse I have worked with many people who experience a wide array of mental health issues - some mild and some severe. It intrigued me to want to learn more about how people tick and what goes happens when things go wrong in our head.I want to know how to help teach how to have a better brain - How to become a Brain warrior and how to have brain envy.You see, Brains run everything from sun up to sun down. We need our brain to help us live..but we need to protect it so that it runs not only properly but optimally. You see, I also started to experience mental health issues in my own family, from Alzheimer’s, Bipolar, to Head injuries, to recently ADHD. I started asking myself,”why is this happening when there hasn’t been anything else before? I knew then that I needed to branch into this area of Coaching. Therefore I graduated recently from Amen University as a Certified Brain Health Coach in 2019. I have been able to help others to feel empowered to change the lifestyle they are living so that they can live optimally both for their own physical health but also for their mental health My core message is We are able to improve our brains potential and making healthier choices,so that we can then develop a healthier lifestyle.

I am a very proud momma of four amazing children and I am happily married to my best friend for the past 20 years. I also have two gorgeous Mini Huskies that I adore. In my spare time, I enjoy scrap booking, reading, and enjoying the outdoors.


Certified Brain Health Coach, Amen University, CBHC

Certified Integrative Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, INHC

Certified Parish Nurse, St. Michaels Hospital, CPN

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